Review of brutal session with Inferno and Jade

Sent lovingly to my inbox, today I received a wonderful review from ‘Competitive Wrestler’ on his double session with the glorious Jade 

We are available for Double trouble sessions 😉.


2-v-1 Session Review, Inferno & Jade vs Me

If you want the best 2-v-1 session ever, you should book Inferno & Jade. As “besties” (that’s what they call each other) they work so well together!
So friendly and fun to talk to before, and after, the session. And so good at taking on sadistic bitch personas during the session. It’s a such rare skill to be able to play roles so realistically without a hint of awkwardness. It’s the second time Inferno has impressed me with her role-playing ability – and, it was my first time seeing Jade, but she was just as impressive.

Jade was the slightly more ruthless of the two throughout and when I mentioned this afterwards, Inferno told me that they had agreed amongst themselves to do a good cop/bad cop thing with Jade as the bad cop. It felt more like Inferno was the bad cop (she did nothing to help me and inflicted plenty of suffering on me) but Jade was the insane psycho bitch nut-job cop!
The session plan was that we would begin with some wrestling and then it was up to them as to where they would take it.
I greeted the girls by giving Inferno a box of chocolates and giving Jade a single chocolate. This prompted my first glimpse of insane psycho bitch nut-job cop Jade as, before I knew it, she had sprang up off the mats and delivered a clean smack across my face. She immediately followed up with a barrage of punches to my body. Her athleticism took me by surprise (so fast and strong) and I remember thinking to myself ‘Jade is an absolute gem (I already knew Inferno was a gem). This is going to be a memorable session’ – and I was right. Jade then stopped punching me and told me, in a serious and believable tone, that I would pay for this later.

We did 10 minutes of 1-v-1 wrestling which finished 16-0 to the girls, eight submissions each. They were subbing in-and-out after each submission, staying fresh, while I was getting more and more worn out. They are such fun girls to wrestle, so comfortable in one another’s company. They seemed to be having a great time imitating the rhythm of my breathing/panting. I did find this humiliating – two beautiful girls having such a good time laughing and joking as they tapped me out at will.
Inferno then put me in a RNC, facedown on the mats, and I saw Jade pick up some ropes. I started to panic as, from what Jade had been saying, I feared she was going to put me through hell once she had me tied up. The idea came to me to ask for some 2-v-1 wrestling, simply to delay the ropes from coming out. I was saying, as loud as I could, which wasn’t that loud as was hard to talk in Inferno’s RNC, “please, please – can we do some 2-v-1 before you tie me up?”. Inferno kept the choke on and Jade leaned her face down to mine and said “make us an offer”. I whispered, as I could now barely breathe, “can we do 10 minutes of 2-v-1… £2 each per submission?”. They both laughed and said “£2!”. I thought they were going to refuse my offer but, after whispering that it was all I could afford, they agreed. I was delighted as it meant the torture had been delayed by at least 10 minutes. They won 25-0 over the 10 minutes.

I was now completely worn out and the last thing I wanted was to be tied up and tortured. I pleaded with the girls to let me wrestle some more. My pleas were completely genuine but I had no way of conveying this to them. All I had was words and they weren’t taking my words seriously. I resisted the tie-up for as long as I could – but it still took them only 2-3 minutes to subdue me. I remember the authority/anger in their voices as I was resisting. At this stage, I was terrified. I knew I was destined for hell as soon as the ropes went on. Looking back this whole predicament is soooo hot to me. There was literally nothing I could do to prevent these girls from tying me up and once tied up I was completely at their mercy. And the fact that I would now be too scared to re-book an identical session makes it even hotter.

To be honest, now tied up, a lot of the rest of the session is a blur. I do remember Jade turning merciless. Punching me with absolutely no regard for my pleas. I could feel myself shaking with fear. I have a new respect for the guys that go for these extreme torture sessions. This was my first and I’m pretty sure my last. To avoid a gag, I kept telling them that I have asthma (I don’t) and it worked. I also kept telling them that I had a taxi booked for 5pm (I didn’t) to get the to finish up early (or at least not go into over-time). They are aware of these tricks/lies now so, I know if they get another chance, they’ll up the intensity even more which I simply would not be able for. I basically can’t re-book a torture session with Inferno & Jade ever again – but, if any of you are less cowardly than me, I urge you to give them a go.

I know my shirt was ripped off me and I was blindfolded so I couldn’t tell who was doing what to me – or even what was being done to me. I remember being scratched and clawed. I remember needles being stuck through my skin and hot wax being dripped on me. It was all absolute hell. But, to be honest, the most hellish part of it all was the punches. I am now, one week later, still sore all over and covered in bruises. At one point Jade said “I want to give him a dead-arm”. I was tied up on my back and couldn’t move. She must have punched my arm abut 100 times in the space of a minute. I thought it would never end. She has endless energy.
I’m finding it hard to do the torture justice in words. It was literally the worst thing I have ever been through in my life. You feel so powerless. I actually dare any ‘regular session wrestling client’ to branch out and give it a go. If you’re at all like me, you’ll never forget it.
Before they released me Jade put her hand tight to my throat, pulled up my blindfold and made me apologise for my pre-session chat banter and my one chocolate gift. I have never been so at the mercy of anyone before. I’d have done and said anything to speed up my release. I apologised and praised her relentlessly.

When they finally released me I felt like hugging them both (I didn’t though as I was covered in blood!) and that love/affection for them has remained since. I’m looking forward to the next time I see them, which will be for a much softer/less extreme session type!

Competitive Wrestler

Shooting, wrestling, filming and the knee!

Hello all!

So what have I been up to? Last week I sat on a throne in the woods and played with swords for a gorgeous ‘Dark Tarot’ theme. Dressed in beautiful rich velvet bell sleeved dresses and playing around with masks in the middle of the woods on a cute handcrafted wooden throne was a well needed break from the norm. I am sure the photographer will share the images at some point.

I’m planning next year’s calendar already.  I’ve had a lot of support from people telling me that this year’s was the best so far.  It’s hard to top that!  Shall I stick with the same photographer as last year, (Andy is a great photographer and you all seem to enjoy this calendar), or

I am slowly getting back into wrestling.  There is some pain still present (often a lot)  but avoiding standing and kneeling on that one knee isn’t too bad.  Sessions are still in the light, fantasy, roleplay, or specific (smothers, pins, domination, beatdown etc) genres.  The event in Belgium sadly got cancelled as a few more girls dropped out.

Last week I also met up with a producer in London looking to make a mini series based around female wrestlers.  I am casting 6 women for this role, see GooeyGrapplingGirls  for more details on that 😀

As I am not currently playing for my team this season, and I missed GB trials due to my knee,  I’ve decided to try and be useful and be there for the boys.  I have taken to the other side of the camera, and here is one of the images I’m proud of  from Sunday’s game.



That seems to be about it for now I think 😀


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