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As a Domina, I am tough, but fair; obedient subs do not go unrewarded.  I have been a Domina for a long time.  My experience shows and you will be pleasantly surprised.  I expect all submissives to have manners and etiquette to the highest standards.

Cross me, however, and I will take you to pieces. Of course, if you like being taken to pieces, thatIMG_1892’s great! Just don’t expect to get off lightly. Or to get off at all…

 I enjoy ball busting, facesitting, smothering, fantasy roleplay, forced physical training and exercise, and much, much more.

If you enjoy domination, I have many other Mistress friends who will be delighted in your service, double sessions are also available on request.

Contact me for more details.  And if you so wish, a gift would always be appreciated

 These sections are not mutually exclusive; you’re welcome to mix and match as you please. I’m very accomodating, and I take great pleasure in turning fantasies into reality.

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