Assault and conviction.


In July 2014 I was assaulted by Patrick Hume, a photographer based in Camberley. We had a shoot arranged on the 11th, I checked references and they were good, all positive. Our first shoot went well. We arranged to shoot again at my home later in the month. On the 29th he arrived, set up and we began shooting. Nothing was unusual. We shot to nude in my living room. This was fine. Then the bedroom set was bondage based. I’ve shot thousands of times in bondage scenarios. Nothing was different. Except when I was bound and gagged he put his finger and props inside me.
I stated several times beforehand when asked if I do insertions that I do not. This was via text and email. I was shocked, panicked and unable to move or do anything but attempt to portray my upset and dismay through the ballgag in my mouth. He apologized for ‘getting fresh’ with me, and soon after the shoot, he packed up and left my home, my new home I’d moved into earlier that month. Without hesitation I called the police and immediately reported him. This behaviour, his complete abuse of power and situation is not acceptable. I didn’t even think when dialing the police, I just did. He sexually assaulted me and I reported this crime.
The past nearly two years have been hell. Some of the images he took of me whilst he was assaulting me were found online for people to purchase. A few photographers contacted me to ask if they could shoot me to the levels they saw in these images of assault. The arrangement of photoshoots with Patrick Hume was through Purpleport, who, thankfully, have been exceptional in their support and continual work with the police to provide information and assistance. Other modelling websites when I contacted them to make aware that they had a photographer who assaulted a model were not helpful in the slightest.
I have been transparent to the police, providing everything asked for including video and written recordings of my statement, an invasive physical, surrender of my mobile to recover all messages and emails and my medical information. The CSI came and dusted my home for prints, took my clothing and the money I was paid that day. I don’t want anything back.

I was given an ISVA (independant sexual violence agent) who has been with me throughout the entire process, and who I could not have sat in court without. She has been my dictionary, the go – between to the police, the ear and shoulder to cry on and the organising factor who I couldn’t have managed court proceedings had she not have been there. She guided me to the witness room today (29th april) whilst I was having a panic attack as I saw Hume in the lobby beforehand. She held my hand as his four year sentence was read, as the Judge explained everything that happened the day of the assault. Patrick Hume has been assessed as being a medium risk to women.

This has been the hardest time in my life. My home has been ruined and turned into a constant nightmare where this happened. My modelling career and professional name marred as I had to cancel shoots short notice afterwards as I couldn’t face meeting new photographers. My studies took a hit as my 80% average dropped to 28 and I barely scraped a pass in my exams.

Nothing can take away what I’ve been through. My levels are clearly stated and were so at the time. Hume showed no remorse through the whole case, did not believe he had done anything wrong. Yet three guilty verdicts of assault by penetration, found by 12 peers saw that clearly he did. Four years per charge, served concurrently and destruction of the criminal data has been given as a punishment. Nothing will ever seem enough, and I have to live with this reminder daily, and the journey ahead is long.

I thank everyone who has been by my side; my partner who lost his job because his boss didn’t understand how he needed to be with me that evening I had to be examined, the girls who had just come through a court case from another photographer and were helping me understand the process, everyone who turned up to sentencing to support me in reading out my impact statement infront of the photographer and everyone who could not, my ISVA lady and DC Robert cross who has been my points of contact throughout. You have all supported me through something I didn’t feel I could come out of the other end.
Regardless of your levels, a photographer should NEVER touch you unless you give them permission to. Even then it has to be specific. No means no. Do not suffer in silence if this has happened to you. You shouldn’t have to put up with it, and convictions do happen. You WILL have support, you will be looked after. You will always have someone to talk to about what happened and what is happening throughout the whole process. You will never go through it alone.
I will answer questions and I hope that in sharing my story I can raise awareness and possibly encourage others to come forward. This shouldn’t have happened. I didn’t think it would ever happen to me. I’m not a novice model, I check references and I am mindful with whom I work. But from now on, written references from other models aren’t enough. I don’t know if I will ever return to modelling fully, but I hope that one day I can.


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